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Collection of ManSoap beard products.


All natural handmade moustache wax designed to help style and nourish your moustache. We have partnered up with Crerar’s Honey to source only the very best, sustainable beeswax on the market. Medium hold. Application: Warm a small amount between your index finger and thumb. Then, smooth through the entire moustache and mould as desired. 20g Ingredients cera alba [...]


Our Beard Brush is made with sustainable boar hair bristles. These are rigid while remaining soft and pliable. As you continue to use the brush with product, it becomes even better!


ManSoap Hemp Seed Beard Oil is specifically designed for the beard and skin, and using it consistently will make your beard healthier, fuller, and more manageable.


Our hemp seed Beard Balm is made with only the finest, all natural ingredients. Beard balm offers the benefits of beard oil, but with the addition of hold.

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